DoomZ – A DayZ remake in the Gzdoom and Zandronum Doom Engines

I’ll fill this in with a bit more detail later, but the team so far have been:

-Diggedypomme (Superpomme, Rob) – There’s myself, the original creator. I’m no coder, and definitely no artist, but I figure that if you just keep slogging at something for long enough, good things have to happen eventually…right? I have to say, I have learnt tonnes from this project, so it has actually been good for development too – who’d have known it.

-The next person to help out is Burktross who has made some awesome Voxels (3d sprites) for some of the earlier versions, and which be found around the map, such as the pews in the church, the destroyed tank, the lockers and tills in the stores, and the small store (currently the best loot spot in the game). Check out his work over on the old forum, Burktross’ Voxels

-Phil – my IRL friend who had helped decipher some of my illiterate code earlier on, and went on to work with me on the game with me ever since, allowing us to get some of the more advanced features like the car up and running, and also being the other half of our multiplayer testing. Did I mention – we could really do with people to help with testing?

-Cenullum has done a great job drawing up a full set of new weapon animations, and they should be in the next version. Thanks for doing them, they look great, and sorry that it is taking me so long to get everything updated

-YuNoGuy123 has done some great work fixing my complete lack of weapon balancing which should make playing the game a lot fairer (and more fun)!

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions over on the Discord channel over at : DoomZ Discord Channel

As always, if you want to get involved, there is a forum over here: Getting Involved or email me at diggedypomme @

Thanks, as always, to everyone who’s work has been used in the game, without actually being linked to the game itself. These can be found on the ‘resources’ page here