DoomZ – A DayZ remake in the Gzdoom and Zandronum Doom Engines

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Alpha 15:


-This is really important. Make sure to set Zandronum to 3d mode first. If you don’t this WILL run horribly and end up crashing. This can also cause others to crash
-Make sure to set right click to be alt fire, or you will have issues in the menu
-Set I to inventory if not already done. This should go on there by default


To many to count (I might update some here shortly, but for now:)

-The main change is that this is now moved into Zandronum rather than gzdoom, so this allows for a multiplayer that has in game joining with a persistent server. This change turned out to be a lot more in depth and caused a lot of problems, most of which have now been resolved, but some of which are persistent
-The inventory is now done as a mouse driven one. Left click to switch to an item, right click to pick up, and then right click to throw again.
-Certain options can be turned on and off by editing the main script. These are, for example chaning the day length, changing the type of trees, how long it takes to starve etc etc.
-The car menu has been redone, and I changed the car texture as an homage to one of my favourite games – quarantine. You can now run people over in the car. The car now resets when destroyed
-I have done a complete refresh of the guns now, and will add a list of the weapons you can get below.
-I have redrawn most of the guns. I think its just the knife, axe and the magnum which aren’t by me now. I tried a few different styles, but I’m no artist, so they are a bit wonky. They have been done modularly, so by updating the hand texture, it will update for all the guns.
-Certain items now stack in the inventory, so that you can carry multiple of the same inventory item without using up multiple slots
-you can now pick up a ghillie suit. This turns your player sprite into a tree. Zombies can still smell you, but other players might miss that its you. Unless you are running about
-you should now be able to chop people up to get arms, as well as just zombies. The arms can be eaten after cooking, or used to hit people. They should be able to be used to feed to dogs to make them friendly, but this broke with the move from gzdoom.
-There are a lot more voxel slopes, so it isn’t so flat any more. This doesn’t look to be affecting the performance, and it looks much better.
-I added in a whole new area, giving it a whole extra third of the size of the map, so it’s pretty massive now, but this area is pretty plain. This will be competed later, and its pretty pointless for now, but I’m leaving it accessible
-behind the scene cleanup of code and sprites to make it much easier to manage.
-cattle and deer.
-dropping items

-izh shotgun
-sawn off izh shotgun
-mp133 shotgun
-repeater rifle
-blaze rifle
-winchester rifle
-sawn off mosin
-steyr aug



-Zandronum runs worse than GZdoom in multiple ways. I have tried to mitigate this where possible, but please give me feedback as to how it is running as this is useful to know how much to cut back.

-I added in aging zombie sprites by just doing some simple colour changes in code. These need physically different sprites (a zombie crawling etc etc) but I have not yet been able to do this


-My friend advised having a weird bug in mp wherein his guns were invisbile, but he was still able to fire them. I have no idea what is happening with him here, and so far I have been unable to replicate this. Please let me know if you see it
-Unsure if this is now fixed, but there was some weirdness at one point with not being able to pick up items
-if you use the steering wheel then cancel when youre in the car, you are able to move around inside it. This shouldn’t happen, but hasn’t been fixed yet, as it ties into a general menu improvement that I want to do but haven’t been able to yet.
-There’s something weird with the car ignition at the moment that needs looking at. I think its that when the petrol runs out, the car motor keeps running, but I need to review that. Currently the car only spawns in the one spot. Ther code is there to give it a random start location but this makes it harder for testing etc.
-I dont know how to get it to force players to join straight in rather than go into spectator mode. I think spectator mode kind of breaks it cause you can use this to spy on people. Does anyone know how to get round this?
-For some reason, feeding arms to dogs doesn’t make them friendly any more. This is related to the move from gzdoom where I had to rip out tonnes of code to get it working. Its on the list to do.
-For some reason, I saw that the brown cars were disappearing. Im not sure why this happened, but that makes it harder to get the parts to fix the car if it is broken
-Currently the bodies of dead zombies sometimes block bullets that

-currently the menus are back to front if you have your mouse inverted (like a flight-sim weirdo :P). This is a fairly easy fix, but I only just found out that we had stopped doing that code, and I need to check everywhere that its missed.
-if you cant right-click – make sure that you have defined alt-fire as right click (or use whatever key you redifined this to.)
-the icons are flickering – I have seen this happen. I think I just need to add a bit more delay to the length that they are displayed in each loop, but I will get to that when I do. ymmv

-For some reason the movement of the sun and moon that had worked fine for gzdoom and single player zandronum, but just broke for mp zandronum. Fixing it for mp then broke it for single player. It’s kind of fixed now, but please let me know if you see any issues with it. The timing is kind of off for single player still, so its best to run it as a 1 player multiplayer game.
-There are a couple of weird 1 pixel wide white lines that are especially noticable at night, going up to the sky. This is a mapping bug on my part, but I’ll be damned if I can work out what exactly is causing it. I will get to fixing this when I do
-Loads of buildings seem unfinished. Yup…
-The big field looks terrible – Yup, I remember it looking better before. Rose tinted spectacles I guess. I’ll get to it when I do
-Rain needs to be less regular, but last longer.

-In general, I haven’t spent too long with sound for the game, so there are lots of gun sounds etc that need adding when I get the time.
-The car noise continues outside of it even when the car is off – yea I need to take another look at this to see what I messed up.
-The noise of rain hitting lakes is way too loud

Balancing etc:
-The guns are not at all balanced. This needs doing
-Ammo needs to be split further than it currently is. Taking, for example, the derringer. As this only holds 2 bullets, it wastes a full clip for just the 2 bullets, whilst the same clip in another gun might have more

Alpha 14:

-make a list of all the doomIDs used, as well as script nums
-Give all items, eg chairs, a tag which then lets it give a description in the map
-Set up gzdoombuilder so that it sees all of the correct items etc in the 3d view
-Move everything to the correct locations in the pk3 and out of g55 etc
-fix the spots that don’t change colour with the light
-set item numbers and place them in the map rather than spawning in the benches at tids
-The field has one entrance but 2 exits. It would be nice to link up all 3 of the zones
-maybe make a 3d deer stand that you can use in the field. have the 2 entrances to the fields
-test md2 roof
-fix the locker angles in the fire station and the second store.
-test the leaves not gteting killed but setting the flag of nogravity
-Delete some of the unsused sectors.
-start a new wad and try to get sbarinfo working with scaling
-Test getting scaling textures working
-get it to say the name of the gun as you switch to it
-get rid of the actual dayz house fronts maybe..heh
-needs a player viewable list of which ammo is actually used by which weapons. maybe on the f1 menu
-Test a desaturated room with variable light levels, to see at what point the fire stops being coloured
-print out on weapon raise saying the gun and ammo used
-shorter delay when not moving and still able to turn
-try and find the exact light level/desaturation so that the fire is still yellow
-set an on pain for the car, and have it take damage
-Phil – are you able to take a look at this? car menu cancel doesnt unstick you if you click cancel. All menus should have cancel added to them.
-Get petrol from petrol station. get petrol can to fill from there. use petrol can with car
-blue light underwater
-Winfred advised that the chopper is way too small. make it bigger
-change tree leaf colours so there is variation
-snowy leaves
-change the backdrop sky image to match the light level
-get the blood finished
-Needs a list of the weapons that we have, and the ones we actually have graphics and sounds for etc
-use the flag to say how big the tree is. give a different number of tree drops depending on size. make the tree have more hp depending on size
-eating zombies – chance of illness
-crashed helicopter site with the model and the smoke.
-add tables to the map
-Test out both of the ways of doing the lockers. In the old shop you now have the two types. I think one will reset the inventory but the other wont
-rat meat
-set up an array and a for loop for the lightfade sector tags etc so its not a long list of the same command
-fix flashlight
-fix headlights
-Fix the glass smashing for the newtown hospital and shop
-change the graphics for the smashes and make it pick a random one
-more blood!
-Fix the issues with the snow on the new gzdoombuilder
-Fix the petrol station
-better explosion for petrol staton
-head bob whilst listening to what is love
– You can see the voxel of the car from within it
-Dynamic light binding for the bullet puffs in GLDEFS
– doHourStuff(theHour); ” in the timer script. is this actually needed?
– no cancel on the car steering wheel
-changing the light level for 16000 (the sun room) means you can see the edges. you need to just do this with colour change
-Fix the new trees so that you need to use an axe or a sword etc to damage it. Set damage factor from these.
-clouds smaller, higher up. get rid of the residue from them hitting the wall
-change start time to noon
-get the torch working. Maybe change it to a burning torch rather than flashlight torch
-add torch to random spawner.
-Get terraindef working
-getting rid of illness doesn’t work, and has a visible graphic
-Add that guys rats from realm667. Test to see if you can get this working
– is the car headlight fully working? I can’t remember
– fix the lockers etc in the store not going darker or changing colour at night
-set custom damage type so that guns cant break trees
-fix the tid numbers to stop conflicts. also update the spawn ids etc, and make sure that you dont have any clashing ones
-Dostuff(thehour) doesn’t look right. I think ive messed stuff up with bits that I have added.
-Use kill_children for the tree leaves
-fix locker so it resets at night
– Get illness working. I think it is at the moment, but we need it to be more likely when you are wet and cold etc
-+CLIENTSIDEONLY – in decorate – for tree leaves that might be really useful!
-needs a coughing mode when it fires out illness
-Petrol filling noise as you put it in
-Tree chopping noise
-car sound
-fire noise
-wolves – wolf howl every now and again in the dark
-Make a tree chop noise by making “blood”” from tree and make
-growing trees.
-build car up by collecting items and taking them to a broken car
-could have the petrol cans, including one in the boot of a car and this can be filled up?
– “you lived for…x amount of time on death”
-bullet casing.
– thunder and lightening – realm667
-simple snow spawner realm667
-pond frogs realm667
– meatfoo from animals
-move out the files from 50. also move in the new house textures. also put in some windows then test
-annotate the textures
-teleports at tent dont work.
-resettable garage doors on garage 2
-use multi tagging to close all these doors at night
-eating arms isn’t making sick
-its also not using up the arm
-copy across morpheine sprites
– get it to check the petrol in the car before filling, to check if its full – same for the fuel cans or the petrol station
DONE set damage type for body to be axe and knife
/DONE change the food etc to +wimpy – changed them all off that. was doing something else
/DONE move the textures file into g55
/Done should the fist be useable?
DONE car health with parts. possibility of dropping an item when shot
Done change blood loss when bleeding
done change to drop the same blood
Done add chopping up bodies
Done add pain with blood to corpse
Done test gl flash for guns and bullets
Done rewrite fire so it spawns lots of little fires. take the wood off the bottom. have it fire out balls that burn where they hit (petrol station)
DONE add sound to explosion. add mushroom cloud, add gl flash
DONE front door glass on newtown shop
DONE glass newtown hospital
DONE petrol st
DONE blood graphics
DONE body is blocking. set to non solid?
Done THINGSPEC SWITCH is on guy!!
Done smashing glass sound
Done on death spawn loads of blood but don’t throw it far
done for roads, make a block that has road with grass on each side – prefab road – do a couple of sizes
done make mp blood not sync?
done random scale to the leaves too?
done actual different leaf sprites for them
Done try with blood
DONE dog health
Done big trees don’t spawn branches
Done make dogs softer
Done for roads, make a block that has road with grass on each side – prefab road – do a couple of sizes
DONE make crossroads etc too
Done glass is only spawning 1 piece – are the others not showing up? – test with spawning one
done test the random building sizes in old town
Done Move all of the graphics and sound into their respective folders
Done glass in second hospital
DONE petrol st
DONE blood graphics
DONE lower the glass shard alpha. make it last longer. have different shards
/Done make the glass shards black and make them thrown out when the petrol station blows
Done jumpif for the light
Done fixed the car damage
Done check if you can make it so that death.crush (is that right) spawns it and anything else doesn’t
Done make it so that death. axe makes the arm, but not otherwise
Done check the minimum saturation to still have some colour
Done damage types for body
Done patch all the blood to sick ones and have him gip
Done dogs attack the new bodies – allow them to do that, but just gib it
Done can throw infinite bandages
Done does the petrol station ever go out?
/Done – this can be used for loops rather than having a separate one. could this be done to add a random to the way stuff grows etc? – only projectiles
Done have car act like locker. just throw out cans of fuel
/Done – use this to drop the hand from the body etc – see if it works without crushing the parent
Done randomise the wolf noises and have them happen at night. can trigger dogs
Done make the doors for the garages change their tag when they are used. that tag then lowers and sets itself useable. ;
Done make the lights dependant on battery
Done say to “get out and repair it”
Done more crashed cars
Done move the car failing to the starting motor parts
Done ask if you can use this footsteps
Done try changing the offset for the gl light
Done get rid of debug menu
Done scaling textures. test that guys one
Done “it tastes a little…off”
/Done test a tree spawner that uses adrop rather than spawn. could change its state to “grow”
Didn’t work
/Done run Tattoo – modelling software
DONE gl flash for weapon test
Done field has a missing section
Done have being sick too that also takes antibiotics
Done make it hurt to be ill too
Done have useable petrol pumps. md2 /
DONE – use flat specific floor clip
had to get rid of reflections
Done impliment pump as switchable object
used acs instead
Done chance of ill be a script that gets run that has a variable for percentage
Done garages reset
Done garagespawns in garage
Done fire station roof / do it like the new town
Done a useable pump
Done YOU STARTED USING 1000+ – 1001 etc in game!!! – super importanmt
Done makes a chance between treestump and dailytree
Done make it hurt and occasionally puke blood
Done fix tree spawning twice, and then set it so that a dead tree regrows
Done use the above with a tree age counter
Done then check the light levels
Done then fix the roof for the old fire st
Done drinking noise on fountain
DONE annotate the thanks for footsteps –
done THE SICK IS DOING GL LIGHTS! – i think it might be the bulletflash
/DONE maybe change screen colour if youre ill. make you hungrier. dont last forever?
done try give actor inventory and then check actor for a random baddie. this could then be used for boxes
/done change tid for the tree, and spawn the wood through acs and have it check
did this a better way with actor inventories
Done rat meat. makes ill.
/Done car battery – make this go down if the lights are on. need to find a new one etc. can use it with lights in town
Done dontbleed pump
Done damage for pump
Done Set up a menu for using the pump. fill fuel can / fill car – checks distance
Done remove extra pumps
DONE add pumps to the old station
Done lower that desat amount
WHAT? give food as a variable for the eating
Done make more fountains
Done remember to remove the dogs once it gets to 2 more nights
Done have friendly dogs change tid to never die
Done done gun names top right – change names for weapons
DONE? use tags to list guns. List the name in the tag (AK, uses ak ammo)
done switch listed ammo type 2
Done is lighjt fade not working> set the time to 1 am – still bright
Got this working now with the multi-tagging. Looks great
DONe throwing canteen throws an arm – this is the inv fucking up *********************************************
done cut out the windows for the wall stuff from the new textures. Give a house a try
done get some inside wallpaper and test that out
Done get the tid as a variable passed through from setting it in the map., could then change setting to not run the script, and change it to the other view
Done should it be listing the name for ammo type 1 or 2?
DONE finish clearing g55
done have a middle texture that is just the doorways for inside a house. the bit coming down from the roof. use itbetween rooms
/Done get the tree to check actor tid and spawn different things based on tid. Can do the same with plants
null a 0 Thing_ChangeTID(0, 5000)
Not needed in the end as I got this working with player inventory. It does use the thing changetid tho i think
Done multiple sector tags – add one tag just for light
done get rid of errors on boot
All done apart from the error about the credit lump. No idea what it is complaining about here. Think it might be something in mapinfo.
Test without mapinfo to see if it is still complaining about this
the credit lmp still complains, but the rest is gone
/done set sbar as a percentage
got this working to scale for lower resses now
done running noise for roads in old town
Done remove archaic file
Done move gun names too, in sbarinfo
Done in sbarinfo drawstring press x to blah, x to throw
Done rename axe
Done “book” is crossbow and locks ui
Done put rats around
DONE heck to see if thunderboom is still replacing thunderbr – thunderboom. check to make sure that petrol station still works
done move the sounds out of the old wad, and into the proper folder structure
done if weapon selected, list on screen
/Done set a scale for the icons on the side in sbarinfo?
Done test duplicate tagging sectors. can use this for house building, or for light changeing
set it so all sectors have one tag
Done trees leave blood decals
DONE the sbar is now set to 320 240, but note that its 720 480 in high res. you might need a separate one for widescreen or not
but you can actually make the thing scale now, and place stuff using a proper grid. make a drid using sbar that prints out coords
Done deleted the room to the right of the moon room. check to make sure that didnt fuck anything up
done the raise for grat (rateater) is the heatpack one
done if you’re using the arm, then you cook it, it locks the ui
done make a few showrooms. Design a house as it should be
Done menu for using the pump – pumpnnn. fill can, fill car – checks distance to car
didnt use menu for now

Alpha 13: Didn’t bother to make one, sorry

Alpha 12:

-hud working with 720p, its on the download page
-Fixed the sic”Youre wet” message that showed for all players in multiplayer.
(the values at which it sees you as wet still need adjusting)
-added binoculars. Still need tidying up and (non Robfixed) textures
-added Burktross’s awesome voxel till and shelves in game
added books (just one so far. Currently it just shows in the ui – maybe make them
readable with acs ?)
-tracked down the bug that was cloning inventory items. still need to lower the refresh
on a script, or put a pause to stop people cloning by quickly mashing the throw key.
still having some issues with the very last slot
-fixed it so that you can throw from the third inventory bar now
-fixed it so it refreshes the decription after throwing
-fixed it so that the description isn’t blank when you initially load. should also
work on respawn
-removed the tills from the shop in preparation for the new voxels.
-fixed some problems with the binoculars. these still need sprites
– got the fire to disappear after set amount of time. This is something which I was
struggling with for ages! ( I now understand jumpifs better than before)
-stopped inventory from going left when you are on slot 1. this will later be used
for selecting guns
-added a (terrible) binocular sprite
-changed the menu so that people can’t chose a difficulty with increased ammo factor
(which breaks the ui). Difficulties are now Easy, Recommended, and Hard. Currently the font
on these is red – this needs changing to black/grey
-changed font colour for difficulty to black
– Have been playing with acs menus so that we can have tents that you can store items
in, and possibly books that you can read
– updated the (hackily fixed) HUD for 720p for compatability with alpha11b /alpha11c
-FINALLY managed to fix a huge bug with the inventory which had been there since alpha11b
-remove lots of one of the plant textures
-move the trees around so they are all over and not just in that testing bit
-add a slight delay to spawning the items so it doesn’t take ages to load as it pops
them all in at once (it kills my phone)
-add a random chance to bleed rather than the current 100% chance when struck
-fixed the big bug with the ui present since 0.11b
-fixed the issues with the ui (that weren’t the big bug)
-drinking from both lakes
-added a difficulty in which cheats are allowed
-fixed sbar12
– fixed a spot by the cliff that you could sneak past the fence if you tried hard enough
-changed the sky to change at the very start – there was a little delay that made it
look like it was loading
-fixed the hud a bit more for 720. It now shows the weapon type, and ammo in the top
right, and I aligned a few of the things on the right hand side. Everything is still shifted
up, but it takes so so long to do, and that’s quite a big job (for each icon there are about 15 layers, and it
all needs a graphical overhaul anyway. This
will work for any alpha11 version
-increased the size of the weapon type in the top right to make it easier to see.
-put in Burktross’s newest voxels
-raised the voxel shelves up a bit as they were slightly under the floor
-created a separate sector to stop you walking into the tank
-Finally got choppable trees working thanks to a couple of questions which Yholl and
Bloax answered over on the #Zdoom Espernet irc channel – thanks! I think I’m still doing it kindof
weirdly – I can’t get the trees not to take damage from anything but the axe, so the tree is
set with a crazy weight, tonnes of health and a big
multiplier on the axe damage. Trees now spawn branches (BRANCHFOO)
-swapped out the crashed chopper text sprite with a voxel chopper. Needs to be swapped
out with a ruined chopper when this is made
-got vertex slopes working
-put in Burktross’ lockers.
-Made the lockers useable, so they can be opened.
-made the lockers spawn loot on their first opening, but not after that. Lockers still
need to be reset at midnight
-made a new test building. Looks good, but this would lose the sloped roof
-upped the damage and radius of the petrol station explosion
-Fixed the death screen to come up on death, rather than 1 health.
-rotated Burktross’ shelf to have one on the floor
-edited one layer of Burktross’s shelf to create the shelves in the back
-added both of the above to the map
-added the sound to the locker opening for the first time
-changed the second set of lockers in the shop to interactive
-made a test house in the centre
-updated with Burktross’ ace benches, and spent a while getting 3d bridge actors to let
you stand on them
-added some test windows to the church
-added new building textures
-created a couple of test houses
-had to cut down the map to fix an issue that looks to be due to view distance. There
should be no more crashing.
-Removed the “you’re dead message” – it has the picture screen there to show you now
-removed the “inside/ outside” messages
-stopped the “you have no bottles to fill” messages from showing for all players
-removed the yellow message showing a number each time you navigate the ui (was showing
for all players)
-lowered the book spawning frequency – they were a real pain in the hole
-set the hospital spawns to remove the items at night like the other spawns
-changed the “sniped by the m40” message for the mosin
-upped the makarov damage. It’s still a pile of crap tho
-changed nonsensical “the sunrise is going down” for morning to “the sunrise is spectacular”
as a throwback to the first alpha (before it had the sky changing) as I find it amusing.
-set flies on bodies to loop
-fixed two barn teleports which were going to the wrong places
-fixed crossbow showing full when it wasn’t
-fixed the flies and hudmessages from the above updates as they were still not working

Alpha 11:

make it pause when you morpheine
sort out the glass – currently its spawning medpacks in the tent
make the smashed glass an item too that fades
heat sprites for ui
combine PhilB’s code loop for the inventory100% done
decrease the speed that water and food go down
more drops or slower decrease?
drinking from fountain?
Drinking from the sea
make the bit in to the sea unpassable
heat bar
make actors on spawn spot, or linedefs that change you to inside or outside heat increasing
and decreasing at different rates depending on area
helecopter crash site
helecopter crash site spawns
make food and water reduce at a lower rate with an editable variable
windows in the school hospital
spawners in hospital tents
spread disease by copying poisoncloud
on coughing it can spread to those around you – copy poisoncloud that spawns
do teleporting via script, and apply “cover” when you do
heat zones and weather
heat increasing and decreasing at different rates depending on weather
countdown loop on enter for coughing.
coughing on a random in the loop
make medical drops spawn in medical tents
heat packs
fixed the steak dissapearing
added car, but it won’t work unless it’s in a pk3 – added to pk3
fix one of the tents that you can’t teleport back fromÂ
fix all the new teleports on everything ( tents, barraks and barns to go)


Alpha 10:

+FIXed BLEED IN tent
+Got rid of Easter egg. Currently a simple button combination will start spamming out cans of
+Stopped the fire constantly setting tid
+added fires
+added a special to a spawned fire.
+fixed missing mp4 ammo
+added a sprite for mp4
+fixed wood icon
+made it so you can’t throw the can arm
+added cooking steak
+added enter-able tower
+added antibiotics
+added breakable legs and splints – done with morpheine rather than splints
+added breaking legs affects walking speed
+added enter-able fire station (4 entrances)
+fixed the road cliff holes
+added water fountain
+added refillable water canteens
+made it pause when you morpheine
+added exploding petrol station x 2
+added steak
+took out guns you cant use
+added blood bags
+added blowing up petrol station
+added stop player telefragging others

Alpha 09:

-theres something wrong with the bag and it will sometimes be “full” before time
-you cant drop ammo, so make sure you dont end up unable to pick up food
-i set a few guns not to spawn (ones that dont have sprites yet)

+the tent ropes are sorted now
+I have repackaged it with free doom so it doesn’t need an illegally copied doom2 wad
+I have put all the ammo into the inventory now and made it affect it
+I have descriptions of all the inventopry items and which guns they are used for
+I added a load of extra loot spots
+I elongated the night cycle. I think it works, but I haven’y yet bothered with a full day



Alpha 08:

-Yea, I probably should have written this up at the time .