DoomZ – A DayZ remake in the Gzdoom and Zandronum Doom Engines

This is the most recent project that I have been working on, and has taken around 3 weeks. This was just by myself this time, but I used plenty of code from DoomZ for it, which cut down time a lot.

Everything is randomly generated from an array, including the scenery, sky, floor, plans and aliens etc. There is plenty more that can be added relatively simply, and due to the flipbook style randomisation on the creatures, each addition makes exponentially more creatures and possible planets, but I didn’t want to spend too long on this before releasing. You can mod it to put in your own faces etc if anyone wants to do that.
There is probably lots that doesn’t match up to the game, but I’ve yet to get round to playing it, so just went with what I saw in the trailer.

Screenshots: Imgur

If you want to give it a try, then you need to have the doom2.wad file to be able to play. This is part of the original doom2 folder.

Make sure to follow all of the steps below

Step 1 – get your copy of doom2.wad. This is part of the official game – the free freedoom replacement won’t work with this due to the way monsters work
Step 2 – install gzdoom from the following location Gzdoom dev builds
Step 3 – place the doom2.wad into the gzdoom folder
Step 4 – download this pk3 file and put this into the same folder
Step 5 – drag the pk3 onto gzdoom.exe. If you hare having trouble with this step, download this File (right click and save), put it in the folder, and run it

step 6Important – once in the game you are going to need to change some settings for it to work. I’m sorry that these aren’t sorted in advance, but I ran out of time.

Go into:

-Options-Mouse control
and change “always mouselook” to “on”. This is so you can look up

-Player setup
and change your name, and customise your look. (the look has literally no affect, and you won’t even see it in game)

Set video mode
and change to whatever you want to play it at. I have tested it in 1080p. Hope it works in other res too…

-Customise controls
Secondary fire – change to mouse2. this is so that right clicking will drop the item from the inventory
Show scoreboard – change to i, or whatever you want your inventory key to be. Sorry about this, I had some troubles setting up
customised buttons so I just used whatever as a placeholder, and here we are. Note that it’s ‘show’ and not ‘toggle show’.
jump -whatever you want the jump and jetpack to be (I use alt)

-Mine the rockpiles for minerals
-there is an oxygen counter – it starts pretty large, but just be aware you can’t stop on a planet too long
-after trading with natives, they drop the items where they are as you click it
-there is only one bag – don’t waste your money buying it twice

-If you have read this far, and want to know how to skip to the end, run it with cheats and type “puke 9000” into the console (tilda)