DoomZ – A DayZ remake in the Gzdoom and Zandronum Doom Engines

DoomZ is a project to move dayz from its buggy Arma engine and allow it to realise its full potential as a doom2 total conversion (along with improved path-finding, hit detection, and, importantly, zombies that can’t walk through walls.) There is still a lot of work to go, and so I expect a final release some a couple of years before the official Dayz v1.0.

The game is currently on version 14, although between these releases there have been about 350 mid versions seen just by me, and maybe Phil. I have been working on this for a little while, but me and Phil have taken time out in the middle to work on a few other projects too.

Currently this is running in Gzdoom, a port of doom, and is mainly single player, but you can have internet games, although everyone needs to join in advance, and you can’t join mid game, so it is a bit more of a faff, but can be organised using the chat, and private messaging.

I am most of the way through porting this to Zandronum, another port. This allows for dedicated servers, but is currently running a little slower, and with less features so far. I will release this shortly – it would be great to have people test it and give feedback.

This is a free mod, and should be run with the doom2.wad found in your Doom2 game files, however it can also be run without this by making use of the great Freedoom ( conversion. Note that with this, some of the textures and sounds don’t quite match up, so use the official one if you have it.

The mod is my first time making a doom wad for about 10 years, and my first time using ACS, Decorate and Sbarinfo etc. I released this a couple of years ago and was really surprised at the positive feedback and compliments – thanks so much! Since then, I have had a few people help out and work with me – check ‘the Team’ tab for more info.

If anyone wants to be a part in making this then they would be very welcome to contribute. It could have help with any area you are interested in – textures, sounds, adding guns, coding, improving the map, or even creating new areas.

The new forum is now up and running. I will see if I can port across some of the old forum which needed to be closed due to spam, but its a big job, so that might take a while.

Questions or updates Please register and send me a message, post on the chat, or drop me an email at