DoomZ – A DayZ remake in the Gzdoom and Zandronum Doom Engines

June 2022: As of now it has been some time since I actively worked on this project. I will update the website shortly to explain where I got to, and what is stopping me from going further at this time. The MP server is down, but MP games can still be hosted privately. It is always my aim to go back and work on this, but realisticallly I am unsure on how long this might take due to other projects. Thank you for all of the support that I received throughout making this, and for all the kind words

DoomZ is a project to move dayz from its buggy Arma engine and allow it to realise its full potential as a doom2 total conversion (along with improved path-finding, hit detection, and, importantly, zombies that can’t walk through walls.) There is still a lot of work to go, and so I expect a final release some a couple of years before the official Dayz v1.0.

I have created a Discord channel for the game here: DoomZ Discord Channel

This is now up to version Alpha 15o Alpha 16- and has a dedicated server running with a one click batch filet to join. This is the first time that this has been done for it, so there may be bugs with that which need fixing, so any feedback is really useful.

Please check the Devblog link above for updates

The mod was my first time making a doom wad for about 15 years, and my first time¬†using ACS, Decorate and Sbarinfo etc. I released this a couple of years ago and was really¬†surprised at the positive feedback and compliments – thanks so much! Since then, I have had a few people help out and work with me – check ‘the Team’ tab for more info.

The new forum is now up and running. I will see if I can port across some of the old forum which needed to be closed due to spam, but its a big job, so that might take a while.

Questions or updates Please register and send me a message, post on the chat, or drop me an email at