DoomZ – A DayZ remake in the Gzdoom and Zandronum Doom Engines

After a long long long wait, here is the latest version of DoomZ – Alpha 15

The changelog is linked to on the previous page, as are the updates for
as are the credits for parts used.

The default buttons are “i” to open the inventory. Use the mouse to select items, and then its left click to switch to the
gun or item, and its right click to pick it up. Right click again will drop it

Remember to set right click to alt fire, or you wont be able to use the inventory properly

If you have the proper doom2.wad, copy this over the top of the freedoom one – it will look much nicer

The suggested version of alpha 15 is the installer version here DoomZ Alpha 15 (12 downloads)

If you just want the pk3, its here DoomZ Alpha 15 PK3 (5 downloads) , but you MUST use the most recent DEV version of zandronum at, and you need to set it to work in OpenGL mode.



The last release – version alpha 14 can be found at here

A repository for old versions can be found here