DoomZ – A DayZ remake in the Gzdoom and Zandronum Doom Engines


To play this multiplayer, download the latest version of DoomZ, and then either create a batch file (.bat) with the following code, or download a pre-built one here:

gzdoom alpha14.pk3 -host 2 -deathmatch -skill recommended

Where “host 2” is the number of players that are going to join. This needs to be decided in advance, and won’t start until everyone joins. You cannot join mid game with this version, and there is no such thing as a dedicates server.
If this is a different version that you want to run, change alpha14.pk3 to the latest one.

This will create a server, and then use the following code to join one:

gzdoom alpha14.pk3 -join

replace the 127 etc with he IP address that you want to join, and it should then start when everyone has connected.


If we have a dedicated server running, we will post the link here, if not, check the chat, as we might set up a temporary thing. If there was a thing before alpha, the zandronum server would be it. This runs slowly, and I haven’t finished the porting, but we do need testing, so it would be cool to get some feedback.

A multiplayer version can be started from within zdoom

A dedicated server can be run using the following guide: