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      Early version for Zandronum – Much of it is still broken, but it can be tested. Again, I warn against actually playing this one properly, as many things are still off, but I would appreciate feedback on framerates etc. The sky colour changes aren’t working everywhere because I had multi tagged everything in gzdoom – meaning that I could change every sector at once by giving them all a secondary identifying tag. Unfortunately Zandronum doesn’t have that, so i now have to get a list of every single tagged sector to change a massive list.

      note that the gun sprites also need sorting – they have been fully replaced, but I have yet to sort images for them, and I forget whether I have permission to use the bag textures, or whether they were just test ones. I need to check that before I do anything properly with them. The new inventory will allow for adding things to bags, and hopefully databased storage for a dedicated server. Currently the bag is set to one bar, and opens up to 2 bars once you use the inventory for the first time (this should default to i, if it worked, otherwise its set in controls).

      The map has been improved with vertex slops, so looks a bit less jagged, but let me know how it fares

      I ripped out sbarinfo – the old way of showing the ui, and completely redid it. Currently the health is one image off, so it shows x when you still have a bit, then “A” (missing texture). let me know if the others work/not tho, as I haven’t had to time to sit and watch.

      The framerate – now this is the thing – stuff that ran fine in gzdoom tanks in zandronum, so I had to remove the big barn, and a couple of houses, and its still about 25 in the newtown (one with the hotel). Its hard getting it higher without removing stuff, as there is nothing in the tools (that I’m aware of) to see how much processor etc is being used by each component.

      This uses the dev build of zandronum – it won’t work with an older one
      zandronum beta and it MUST be set to opengl mode rather than software, or it will tank and look terrible.

      The download is here

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