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      DoomZ has a big bug that I have been battling with for some time, and it is basically a limit of the engine as a whole. Doom has a max distance, after which the counter trips over and resets. If you are close to a zombie, it can hit you. If you are far it can’t. But if you are *really* far…it sees the distance as 0 and hits you. The problem is that the DoomZ map is already way bigger than this. Each section is just smaller than this limit.

      The fix, that I worked out, is that this resets the x,y distance…but not the height differential. If you have each section separated by height, then this stops this from being an issue. The problem here, is hills. If you have a hill that is near enough to the height of a floor – bam. You’re dead – killed by something invisible as it is on the other side of the map.

      Building whole sections at different heights is a whole pain in itself, as the 3d floors need to have corresponding sectiors referencing them from outside the map. Every height change, you need to recreate them in their entirity.

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