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      A list of the current features (the ones I can remember)

      Day night cycle

      moving sun and moon


      rain and snow


      randomised weighted loot spawns

      randomised zombie spawns


      replacement inventory system

      hunger that can be satiated with tins of food, or meat from animals

      thirst that can be satiated with cans of coke, refillable canteens or water fountains

      trees which grow daily

      a working, 4 person car, complete with radio and fluffy dice

      The car can be built and repaired with pieces of other broken cars – wheels, batteries etc
      petrol from petrol pumps

      exploding gas station

      replacement weapons and items like binoculars.


      A system for sending messages to nearby players without it going to ones that are further away

      dogs that can be tamed by feeding them

      ability to dismember zombies and eat them, or use their limbs as weapons

      smashable glass for the hospital and house windows.

      the ability to get ill, or sick, requiring antibiotics

      breaking limbs requiring morphine

      bleeing, and the bandages to stop this happening

      crashed helicopter with loot

      voxel decorations like tills, chairs, tables etc

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