DoomZ – A DayZ remake in the Gzdoom and Zandronum Doom Engines


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      Please read this before posting, as I will run through some of the most common issues seen. If it does come to raising a new topic, please mention the exact issue you are seeing, along with any information that might be useful in replicating the issue – what OS are you using, which version of gzdoom / zandronum, with which version of the game. If you are seeing a glitch in game, please try and take a screenshot or describe where you saw it so that I can track that down. Thanks!

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      -It says missing doom2.wad
      you have downloaded the version without the doom2.wad. You either need to download the other version which comes with ‘freedoom.wad’ – a graphics replacement wad for doom, or preferably, copy in the doom2.wad from a legally bought version of doom (some of the textures don’t look quite right with the freedoom one

      Blackscreen on loading
      This could be because i copied in my own config, so this might break stuff if your monitor isn’t 1080p. try deleting the config file in the doomz folder, or redownload the latest gzdoom and copy in the alpha…pk3, the .bat file, and the doom2.wad and re-test

      It’s running really slow
      Make sure that it is set to opengl mode – without this all the textures will go wonky, 3d floors will be missing, and it will run like a dog. Otherwise, please could you say quite how slow its going, and your system specs

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