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    I will keep this updated by editing the original post. Please mention your changes here, as well as any bug suggestions (I will monitor this post and the one in gameplay, but this will be the more updated one)

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    This is the text file version of the last update, showing changelog and to do. I will keep two posts below, for to do, and for done

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    Mapping: *********************************************************************************************************************

    have more inside bits
    With the new randomised generation this will allow for better indoor house generation.

    create and use md2 roof
    set for the randomly generated stuff

    Create a larger variety of prefabs. Maybe look at md2s for the trunks so that there can be more detail on them? Populate the world with them.
    Maybe make it so that you can spawn less trees in for lesser pcs

    Add some fences and a river to break up the field a little. Maybe even a waterfall
    hedges and pylons too

    Start using grass and plants in areas
    might affect cpu

    Retest and remake the gun range. use it to get the guns up and working.
    This actually needs to be done. I have noticed that a load of them are incorrect

    puke 833 makes some snow, with lowered friction etc. should also change the colours

    Create a mini version of all 3 areas and have that be the outside section for the skybox.
    Remember to set the lighting correctly for the mini houses, as they currently glow in the dark

    maybe get rid of the jail and replace with new new town
    This area is now designated for a randomly generating area, however this will take some work
    jail removed

    Graphics: *********************************************************************************************************************

    rounder clouds so that the spinning is less obvious when turning.

    use decals for wood across doors etc

    bullrushes in lake

    Change the zombie attack animation to be the actual animation
    maybe even a delay before they hit you?

    The ui elements need drawing better (obviously, or would it lose some of its charm?)
    we could do with some better artwork for the you’re dead screen etc.
    leave this until sbarinfo testing, and new inventory complete

    start separating the guns sprites into separate sections?

    make different graphics and script for day 1 2 3 zombies. walking, shuffling, crawling with half a body

    get rid of some of the larger images – do they all need to be there still?

    have cancel on car use have different menu background
    would make it less confusing

    cow ai
    currently the cows just run away from you and keep running, mashing against the wall. It would be good to have them amble around, but run when you get too near to them, or when there are gunshots
    test with zombiecloneflee – just swap the sprites and then set it to move backwards. Might not work when they attack you. could swap the attack to be the correct way round. it needs to only do this when you are nearby tho
    The cows need to give up running when you lose sight from them. Maybe you can take a look at the rats for how to do this

    you can bleed to death by drowning

    shivering when cold
    thrustthing vertical when cold – got this working – cold needs to work

    Scripting: *********************************************************************************************************************

    birds that fly around and land occasionally
    got it working but need to make some sprites

    snowfriction and sound when going through snow. slippy ice
    Make sure it turns back afterwards. Make the ice slippy, and the snow slower. Use the terrain def to add crunching sound to walking too

    button to auto bandage
    This would be useful as it can be fiddly. you’ll have to remap

    low detail mode
    turns off reflection. possibly uses bigger leaves but less. turns off grass. gets rid of snow and just uses colour. changes water so you can walk in it. that could be an option in game, or in a pre map

    use A_ChangeVelocity for snow
    This would make it fall randomly – hopefully

    fix the menu inventory so that it can jettison items when it goes over storage.
    long overdue. This may need to be completely rewritten

    ? Make it delete the items spawned from a locker at night
    Do we even want it to delete these? Test to see what tid it creates. Can this be set from within the spawnitem in decorate. If we do, then
    it it is the last value of this that needs to change: A_SpawnItemEx (string type [, float xoffset [, float yoffset [, float zoffset [, float xvelocity [, float yvelocity [, float zvelocity [, float angle [, int flags [, int chance [, int tid ]]]]]]]]])
    I would do it now, but I can’t test it properly at the moment, so I’ll leave that for later.
    The problem with this is is if you are raiding at night, and you open a locker and the stuff dissapears before you can actually pick it up. What do you think?

    Sound: *********************************************************************************************************************

    Make sure that all of the weapons and items have a sound
    unsure what level of this we already have. Needs review and then sounds adding.

    add noises to all the actions (drinking etc)
    mainly done now, but needs finishing

    ignition noise.

    full throttle theme,monkey island theme

    Accelleration noise?

    New features:

    animal breeding
    it would need to check proximity to another cow etc. You could herd them into a pen or a barn etc/
    cow and chickens. breed if they go near other ones?

    growing crops
    can then be used to harvest this

    Add readable books

    auto generated system using a grid that drops tids in there and possibly changes the floor too etc.

    placeable buildings
    see if you can do it like rust with a snappable grid. You can then spawn in blocking walls rather than have the walls be solid if needed

    multiple cars
    could even have different types of car.

    hil car menu background change
    phil-limit how far you can scroll down on menus

    phil – when in car set the music to the one playing
    play radio in car – have set this to only play for me
    done for just the one player, but add this to the script to set it playing for anyone in the car

    phil weather with random chance to change or stay the same each hour. weighted so it is rarely stormy. stormy triggers lightening
    possibly set a gl flickerlight in the cloud sector too
    possibly change cloud colour with changestate
    for light clouds do this and shrink the clouds and add transparency

    phil inventory

    phil time alive includes the start time. possibly doesn’t work after this too

    add inventory pickup sounds for bottles etc
    inventory.pickupsound “weapons/pernach/clipin”

    car engine running after car explodes.

    stop the sound quicker from the car after explosion

    mention the glass shattering script. have a whole file for them
    have poster decals on walls.

    purple pimp chairs. proper door textures inside the car etc
    use for hitting stuff with the car. have it for the car, or an invisible thing in front of the car. have it flip the tid and deal damage, or just make an explosionuse with the “car is travelling x speed”

    trees in old town
    use some dailytrees here. Start doing a proper mix of the two. especially place in notable areas

    sort doomids for weapons and ammo

    done add the new building textures into the pk3 once you work out which ones you are using
    Done have painting decals on walls

    weapon damage ak

    fix the obituary things

    lower size night textures

    zombie attack animation

    different image behind using the car – steering wheel or something

    test that trees still work now that you changed the tag for treestump

    check that car works now that I removed the see

    cant double input keys

    on eating, can this all be cut down to SCAN ABCDE 7 etc. Give it a test

    ability to plant trees

    put some dailytrees around

    fix weapon numbers

    set proper obituaries for the guns

    why Foof in eatfoo? check to see exactly what it plays. Im guessing this should be replaced

    give the rat eater etc to player on load. same with the arm eater or arm weapon

    dead rat scale is set wrong + is squished. maybe use upturned normal sprite

    new textures for bookcase, bed, bedside cabinet, toilet etc

    only set it to attract meat when thrown – throw, then use tid to change decoratecmd

    i think the longhorn is a bullet at a time
    This can only be fixed when the new inventory comes in, as it would just take one bullet per clip otherwise

    check out the shotgun casing. you probably want to do it as the weapon fires

    /graphics/building. There are some overly large textures there. 1 meg texutes etc,. these need lowering
    include the new images in the building place. separate by site


    remove unused 3d models

    use chance of bleed in decorate to set use its bleed thing rather than acs – currently being sick can make you bleed – does this trigger the same thing tho?
    test this after the giving actor items
    make the petrol pumps trigger stuff

    set a floor height and scale stuff to it
    actually scale the textures to a 1:1 scale so that you dont have to keep changing this constantly

    raining noise
    storm noise
    I think I had a noise for this before? see if you can get this back

    on pain giveactorinventory. take it out of acs
    PainChance “Electricity”, 40
    chance of bleed, chance of breaking bones

    acorn and planter

    put back in the car random script

    Prints the specified global variable in acs. – can this show stats directly?

    Prints the value in a global array with the index of the playernumber.

    the messaging menu has stuff like eating in there. get rid


    move tents to army base, or to the field

    other garage doors and put in tyres etc

    only have windows for places you can go in

    hints on or off

    1. the grey city building with furniture inside can only be accesed by one of the 2 doors because one of the 2 doors is too small for the character.

    test? – make the rats shootable
    make the frogs shootable

    wood boarding to put as decals – can break with an axe?

    paint for the car

    have each building raise to a set amount. randomise the doors inside, set a decal across the door and deactivate for unused ones. always have a door to the roof. just do it as steps down and then another door

    Switch guns from in menu?

    3 levels of zombies + sprites – keep the same zombie but set speed and change sprite

    add the new readouts as hints – sbarinfo. weapon type etc. be nice if it just came up for a moment tho

    scrap metal to repair car?

    use actor bleed to trigger bleeding

    green and red on pumps

    set droppable no on new items

    Rob – Options, Display Options, OpenGL options, Texture options, Set precache GL textures to ON.

    you should be putting it as a 1 player mp game rather than a single player, so that the car etc carries over

    mouselook on

    car gets pushed around

    use a floating steering wheel rather than the white background

    use the random buildings in old town

    give each gun a unique ID so that they can be placed into the map

    car music broken

    fix church windows

    fix church decals

    different sound for the car hurt and car explosion

    dogs attack car when friendly

    cut texture size by mapping to 1:1 –
    will this make it too low res

    less regular weather change?
    cant get into door
    add explanation

    arm is the lighter one

    the snow spawner is still in the air

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    Ugh, ages without any written updates, but tonnes done in the meanwhile.

    Spend some time today working on getting different coloured clothes that can be picked up, but ultimately failed, as you can’t seem to change this for actual players – as they are able to change the setting from within gzdoom. This is a real shame, as I really wanted to have different clothes. Will keep working on it to see if this is something that I can do
    in another way

    Added in all of the new weapons. Created some temporary sprites that can be used as placeholders for now, but will need updating before this is released with another version

    Sounds need adding for all the guns, and the relative accuracy and damage also need fixing. Currently the ammunition all has sprites (for the box versions) and the guns take the correct type, and amount of ammunition etc. The guns with scopes have working scopes.

    I would like to resurect the shooting range which can be used for testing and setting these gun values.

    Added the doomguy pic in the inventory with the head which changes as he becomes injured. It has an overlay for the weapon sprite, but currently these are not set within acs, as I still need to actually draw these sprites.

    Next things that need working on:

    -The selection box for the weapons is not wide enough, so its causing missclicks
    -right click needs to keep the item itself held as a value until you chose from the menu
    -add a box for the description test on the popup menu
    -right click dropping and moving needs doing
    -make it auto-fire the ‘weapon’ (can eater etc) when you select use from within the rightclick menu. That way you can eat etc and see it doing it in the background without needing to remove and readd the menu.
    -maybe a key driven version of the inventory again?

    Full gun sprites need adding for all of the guns

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    The list of weapons to switch to, and the list of weapon names to show to people are slightly different – phil, please could you take a look and get it to list the other one, but still switch to this one?

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    Currently rightclicking anywhere in the inventory pops up the box – this should only work on an item

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