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    I started with a bit of basebuilding, and have a few approaches for how to do it.

    -the simplest is a “gun” that fires out an invisible dart. This then falls to the floor and then turns into the item. By making it die after x time you can set a range for the item. This works great for spawning tents etc, but the items tend to slide off other boxes etc in game.

    -one way that I tested was to first spawn a “floor” block, which then spawns 5 invisible actors next to it. (l,r,f,b,u). By clicking use, a menu lets you pick which thing you want to put there(a wall, a door etc), and further floors spawn more of these. It worked, but it was a bit glitchy.

    -the next is to work with some kind of grid that subdivides the map and gives some element of snapping items together. This is currently beyond me. I have no idea how to do this

    Any suggestions?

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